Hans Withoos’ career spans more than twenty years in which he satisfyingly combined his commissioned work with his autonomous work. After graduating from the Art Academy he started a firm with Jolanda Cats. Their firm specializes in fashion and commercial video/photography and their clients range from big corporate companies to small non-profit organizations. Although highly successful in his commercial and international fashion work with clients from Brasil to Spain to Italy, the United States and Marocco,  he also is prolific in his autonomous work, making many photography series over the years, mostly situated in recognizable places and cities around the world.

Hans Withoos’ photography is set in the world of abundance and artifice–the smell of decadence wafts towards the viewer. It is a world simultaneously familiar and different. In Withoos’ exaggerated scenes, the figures crowding the images become archetypes, and the viewer is overcome by a sense of alienation. The work is full of layered, staged images with idiosyncratic aesthetics. Sometimes the photographs evoke emotions related to suffering, sensuality and hidden oppressiveness; at other times the images depict the complete opposite and are deliberately emotionless.The artist describes his oeuvre: “The images don’t show a critical perspective, but rather an observant one”.